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The Original FaceCradle,  Viral Sensation! 

This is the model that received over 200 Million views on Facebook when FaceCradle first hit the market.

With sales to date of over 200,000, units this model is legendary.  Features include:-


  • FaceCradles patented twin pillow system.
  • Internally reinforced frames that spring and flex for maximum comfort.
  • Fully adjustable with five plus modes of comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic memory foam.
  • Removable and washable covers with zippers.
  • Detachable harness with safety release.
  • Improved softness fits any neck comfortably.
  • Larger than Wanderlust model for luxurious comfort.

FaceCradle Original

Artikelnummer: FC3-G-S
45,99 €Preis
  • This product is the next best thing to a flatbed seat, and here's why:-


    With conventional travel pillows, when you fall asleep sitting upright, you either fall off the pillow,  or you fall away from it, as your body relaxes.  This causes you to wake, often, over and over again. 


    As you doze off with FaceCradle, its patented design means you falll into the pillow.  You are supported and held, so you sleep for much longer periods. 


    Multiple adjustable comfort positions is also very important.  If you cant find a comfort position, how are you expected to sleep?  We don't sleep each night sitting upright with our head vertical so any travel pillow that assumes this is how you sleep has it all wrong.  Multiple comfort positions that support you with your head more to the horizontal, closer replicates how you sleep in bed.  It makes all the difference and this is what you will realize with your first use of FaceCradle.


    Ask yourself this question.  When trying to sleep sitting upright, how often have you leaned forward holding your head in your hands thinking, if only something could hold my head here?  


    The age old U shaped pillows don't support your body when it relaxes.  Blow up forward sleeping devices puncture and deflate and have limited comfort positions. Neck wraps are like a scarf and get too hot to use.  They and most other travel pillows assume you can sleep with your head upright but we all know, you can never reach deep sleep like this. 


    FaceCradle compares to the cost of an upgrade to extended leg room, premium or business class, not to any conventional or latest fad travel pillows.


    Over 50% of reviews on Amazon rate FaceCradle 5 out of 5.  Frequent fliers love it,  we think you will too!

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