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Our Most Popular Model!

Wanderlust is for every traveller, from the largest adult to a 3yo child. It's our very latest design and best model yet, the perfect combination of size, shape and comfort. It features:

-  A 35% Smaller and Lighter design than the Original Model, without compromising comfort or support. 
-  Patented two pillow system.
-  New contoured and convenient shape and size.
-  Internally reinforced frames 
- 11 components in total.
-  Hypoallergenic Memory Foam 
-  Removable, washable brushed velour covers each with handy zippers.
-  Adjustable and detachable harness with release clip.
-  Metal hinges, pins and springs for strength and durability, OK with airport security. 

Note: This model was initially launched as "Lite".


FaceCradle Wanderlust

  • This product is the best option for sleep in transit, other than a flatbed seat. Here is why:-


    Neck pillows were designed in 1941.  See what we mean?  The design is based on a vertical head position and provides limited comfort positions. Some newer travel pillow designs make minor improvements in comfort and support.  Some give you a forward sleeping option but not much else. 


    The more comfort positions choices you have and the more you can get your head on an angle, away from the vertical, the better chance you have of getting sleep.


    All this combined with much better support in each of these positions, means you get to sleep faster and are less likely to wake.


    Think about what you pay for extended leg room or Premium Economy seats each time you fly.  Neither upgrades will get you better sleep than an "Upgrade to Sleeping Class".  


    If you are going on a long trip and you will be forced to sit upright,  please take our advice,  buy the only travel pillow that really works.  FaceCradle.


    Over 50% of reviews on Amazon rate FaceCradle 5 out of 5.  Frequent fliers love it,  we think you will too!

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