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Wanderlust II is our flagship and very latest model.  Based on our most popular FaceCradle, it comes with high-tech fabric, designed to keep the face and neck cooler, whilst providing a unique styling difference.


It also comes with a set of accessories that enable you to block out the light and noise and keep your Wanderlust II clean inside the handy carry bag.  FaceCradle is superior to any other travel pillow because it gives you many more adjustable positions that provide comfortable support.


  • Internal frames in each of two pillows, spring and flex to hold your head and chest.
  • Metal hinges and springs connect the two pillows to hold your body weight.
  • The detachable harness connects to the seat headrest or armrest.  The seat is a rigid structure so as you fall asleep the pillow does not fall away from you. You can sleep for hours.

FaceCradle Wanderlust II


    Make no mistake, Wanderlust gives you your very best option for sleep on any short or long trip.  Sleep is vital to keep your resistence up to Covid-19 and other sickenesses.

    Kit includes:-

    • FaceCradle Wanderlust II
    • Safety Harness, for attaching to your FaceCradle and the seat headrest or armrest to provide 100% support for your head and upper body. This means as you fall asleep you are held, making it easier to get to sleep and stay asleep longer.
    • 3D contoured Eye Mask that won't touch your eyes so you can freely blink without any annoying pressure.  A dark room is an important attribute to sleep.
    • Ear plugs to block out noise.
    • Washable and durable draw string bag, to keep your FaceCradle clean.
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