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  • Is the strap safe?
    We take safety very seriously and it has formed a major part of the engineered development of FaceCradle. The safety harness has a built in release clip, similar to an ID lanyard. It opens with pressure yet will not release during normal use. The connector clips are also designed to release with excessive force. Remember, your seatbelt is your primary safety device and will hold you in your seat. Like carry-on bags with straps, in emergencies, your FaceCradle should be stored away. This video shows how the safety release opens...
  • Will the strap cover the TV behind me?
    In short, no. Most long haul flights, where you should attach the harness, have winged adjustable headrests. The straps are attached around the back of the wings and do not go around the seatback (see video). For short haul flights, usually if there are no winged headrests there is also no TVs. In the rare incidence where there is a TV behind with no winged adjustable headrests, you can politely inform the person behind that you will be sleeping with your seat forward, not reclined and ask if they would be so kind to push the strap aside, if it gets in their way. If you feel you don't want to do this, you can configure the pillow in several other positions without using the strap. See our video under "How it works".
  • Are the covers removeable and washable?
    Yes! Both covers are removable and can be washed and dried in accordance with the instructions sewn into the seam inside the covers. This video shows how to remove the covers...
  • I am a large person, will FaceCradle hold my weight?"
    FaceCradle is designed to spring and flex and will not break for even the heaviest person. The internal frames are made from similar material to a fishing rod and are fibreglass reinforced. Remember over 80% of your body weight is held on the seat. This means the pressure applied to your FaceCradle when you rest into it, is minimal. Under extreme impact the harness is designed to seperate from the buckles and the safety release will open without breaking any parts. The construction is very durable. Over 250,000 units have been manufactured to date with not one breakage in typical use.
  • My FaceCradle has a chemical smell, what can I do?"
    Your FaceCradle contains some plastic, non toxic parts. In most circumstances the odor will dispurse during the manufacturing process however it can be trapped inside the plastic protective shipping bag when packed. Once this protective bag is removed, all odor should disperse within 2-3 days. If you have very sensitive smell, you can remove the covers and wash them under the instructions above.
  • I have lost my safety harness, what can I do?"
    Replacement harnesses are available to order from our shop, here on this website.
  • The strap has come out of the cam lock, how do I re-thread it?"
    Please watch the following video.
  • A harness clip has become jammed in the buckle. How do I release it?
    This happens by a misalignment of the clip when inserting. Make sure you connect both left and right legs of the clip evenly and push the clip in straight. This will avoid future jamming. To release is simple with a flat blade screwdriver. Please see this video.
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