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Replacement Harness 

Now if you leave your FaceCradle harness behind on the plane, in a gate lounge or wherever, you don't have to render your FaceCradle unusable.  Simply get one of these replacements and you can Upgrade to Sleeping Class again.


We recommend to have a spare harness ready and even take one as a back up in your luggage just in case.  You don't want to miss out on Deep Sleep mode on the way back.


Tip: When first boarding our suggestion is to detach the pillow and position your harness onto the seat headrest (specifically to the winged headrest if fitted).  Use the Dozing, Snoozing or Table Nap modes until you are ready to settle in for the long sleep.  On a flight this is usually after the meal service is completed.   Then simply click your pillow to the harness without having to get up or twist around in your seat.

Replacement Harness - with safety release

12,99 €Prix
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